Team Members Databases

The following team member versions of the NGC and IC's are the latest sleuthing efforts of some of the team members. It should be noted that in most cases there is good agreement between the team members relative to a particular solution to one of the many NGC and IC puzzles, but on rare instances, team members have agreed to disagree. It is because of this that the user of this information should not be surprised that information and data on a particular object may be different between the various team members' databases.

It should also be noted that all of these databases are "Works In Progress", and are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the author.

In any event, listed below are the fruits of our labors. We hope that you find the information to be useful. Enjoy! - Robert E. Erdmann

  • Harold G. Corwin Jr.'s NGC/IC Historical Notes / Accurate Positions Databases
  • Steve Gottlieb's NGC/IC Observing Notes Databases
  • Malcolm Thomson's IC Research Databases
  • Bob Erdmann's NGC/IC Databases
  • Jeffrey Corder's NGC Observing Notes Database