Steve Gottlieb's
NGC/IC Observations Database Files

These are Steve Gottlieb's own personal observations for the original NGC entries and IC objects, all of which have been checked for historical accuracy. Outside of the NGC itself, this is likely the most complete contemporary resource of NGC observations, by a single observer, available anywhere. A hat tip and a salute to Steve! - Bob Erdmann

Note: All positions are in Equinox J2000.0
In the Observation Files, 13: = 13-inch Telescope, 17.5: = 17.5-inch Telescope, etc.
NGC 1 thru NGC 999
NGC 1000 thru NGC 1999
NGC 2000 thru NGC 2999
NGC 3000 thru NGC 3999
NGC 4000 thru NGC 4999
NGC 5000 thru NGC 5999
NGC 6000 thru NGC 6999
NGC 7000 thru NGC 7840
IC 1001 thru IC 2000
IC 2001 thru IC 3000
IC 3001 thru IC 4000
IC 4001 thru IC 5000
IC 5001 thru IC 5386

Note: All files, as posted by Steve Gottlieb are dated 11/30/2017
except where noted.