Bob Erdmann's
NGC/IC Database Files

These are Bob Erdmann's NGC/IC Database files consisting of the NGC/IC only portion of the RC3 / ESO-LV Catalogue merge calculations for Vmag, Bmag, and surface brightness, Bob's work-in-progress NGC/IC Discoverers List, originally started in 1991, as well as a machine readable copy of the original NGC, which Bob entered by hand over a period of about 15 years, as time permitted. - Bob Erdmann

NGC/IC Only Vmag, Bmag, Visual Surface Brightness List

This is the result of merging the most recent electronic version of The Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies (RC3.9b) by de Vaucouleurs, de Vaucouleurs, Corwin, Buta et al, and the electronic version of The Surface Photometry Catalogue of the ESO-Uppsala Galaxies (ESO-LV) by Lauberts & Valentijn, resulting in a table containing 38,484 galaxies and their photometric/size/PA information and data. Of these, 6,399 galaxies emerged which had NGC and/or IC designations. The Visual magnitude (Vmag), Blue magnitude (Bmag), and Visual Surface Brightness (VSfc Brt) calculations were then run on these base catalogue data using selected equations and tables from not only RC3 but Astronomical Journal papers as well. The selection of the equations and tables used for the calculations are the result of intense collaboration between myself and Dr. Harold Corwin, Jr. who also supplied the electronic versions of both major catalogs for this effort. A more complete write-up about this process and methodology is available on page 23 (explanation of VSfc Brt, column 260) in the Introduction to the Historically Corrected New General CatalogueTM

NGC Discoverer's List

This list comprises a "Work-in-Progress" originally started in 1991, about two years before the official start of The NGC/IC Project. It is the result of ongoing work digging through the Historical Record, collaboration with Harold Corwin, Malcolm Thomson, Steve Gottlieb, and other Project team members over the years, as well as George DeLange, Yann Pothier, and other historical scholars, and digesting the rich source of discovery data available at numerous web sites on the Internet. Occasionally, one or two of the entries will change due to newly uncovered data and information, but for the most part, it has become quite stable. Revision and date/time stamp information is available at the bottom of the list.

The Original New General Catalogue (NGC) in Machine Readable Format

This is a machine readable copy of the original NGC. I manually transcribed it from the original 1888 published version into the computer starting about 1991 and worked on it as time permitted until its completion last year, in 2005. There are undoubtedly typos hidden amongst all of the 7,840 entries, so if you uncover one please don't hesitate to contact me. I've found a number of them myself just proof reading it for the second time, but I learned long ago that a second set of eyes trumps the author proof reading their own work. Column headings are explained in the Introduction section of the original NGC scanned version located here. Enjoy!

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