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STScI Digital Sky Survey (DSS) NASA's SkyView (Advanced Form)
NASA's SkyView (Basic Form) NASA's Extragalactic Database (NED)
ESO's Archive Digital Sky Survey Server Lowell Observatory, Flagstaff, Arizona
Hubble Guide Star Catalog - Version 2.2 & 2.3 U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, D.C.
Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures Robert J. Burnham Jr. + Robert J. Burnham Memorial Project
Jet Propulsion Laboratory - News Flashes Saguaro Astronomy Club
Catalog of Parameters for Milky Way Globulars NASA's Project Galileo
Astronomical Society of South Australia SEDS NGC Page
The Webb Society East Valley Astronomy Club (EVAC)
The Astronomical League The Astronomical Society of the Pacific
International Astronomical Union Royal Astronomical Society
The Astronomer Magazine (Online) Planetary Nebula Emission Line Catalog
References for Sequences around NGC Objects References for Sequences around IC Objects
U.S.N.O. - Flagstaff -- B1.0, and A2.0 Cats Asteroid Observing Services - Lowell Observatory
REFNET - Lowell Observatory NASA's Mars Pathfinder Mission
STScI Library Astronomy Picture of the Day
Historical Star Atlases The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
The Chiron Perihelion Campaign The Astrophysical Journal
Astronomical Observatories Harold G. Corwin, Jr's Professional Home Page
The APM Sky Catalogues Canberra Astronomical Society
USNO Sun/Moon Rise/Set Calculator NASA's Solar Data Analysis Center
The Amateur Sky Survey (TASS) 2-Micron All Sky Survey
HST Comemorative Postage Stamp - VOTE! BlackSkies Astronomy Site - Planetary Nebulae!!
Regulus - Astronomy Newsletter Automated Plate Scanner Catalog of POSS I
The Kepler Project Super Novae in NGC/IC Galaxies
Moon Calendar Stellar Clusters in the Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds
IAU Headlines Page IAU Circulars Page
Bert Dekker's Deep-Sky Site The Hipparcos and Tycho Star Catalogues
Skiff's & Luginbuhl's Observations Dublin Night Sky Observer
The Archives of Armagh Observatory, 1790-1916 Irish Astronomical Journal
Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage A History of Galaxy Catalogues
Arizona Observing Sites Hawaiian Astronomical Society
What Time is it? J.L.E. Dreyer
History of Photometry History of Astrophotography
History of Astrometric Measurements in Astronomy Sky Watcher's Diary
Stig's Sky Calendar Deep Sky Discoverers
Planet Quest Adventures in Deep Space
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Working List of Naked-Eye Deep Sky Objects
British Astronomical Association Irish Astronomical Society
The Constellations and their Stars Your Sky
Distribution of Galaxies in the Local Group Distribution of Milky Way Globular Clusters
Other astronomical WEB pages Robert Ferguson Observatory
Astronomical Books Online American Meteor Shower Web Site
The Summer Milky Way from South East Arizona Susan Ring Honored - Minor Planet
Prescott, AZ Weather Phoenix, AZ Weather
Tucson, AZ Weather Northern Lights Information
Daily Astronomy/Space News NASA's Learning Center for Young Astronomer's
The Teaching Observatory - Texas A&M University NASA/AAVSO's HEA Workshop For Amateur Astronomers
Coconino Astronomical Society Clear Sky Clocks - Arizona