The NGC/IC Project Celebrates...
The naming IAU minor planet 7779 as SUSANRING

IAU Citation

(7779) SUSANRING = 1993KL
Discovered 1993 May 19 by J. B. Child at Palomar

Named in honor of Susan Ivanka Ring, inspired and dedicated member
of the Canberra Astronomical Society.  Susan's love of astronomy has
expressed itself through committed support of school observing programs
and leadership in the Society, as well as through her devoted managing
editorship of the magazine Southern Sky.  Citation enthusiastically 
endorsed by J. Mould and the Canberra Astronomical Society.

Orbital Elements for 1993 KL - (7779) Susanring
Epoch 1997 Dec. 18.0 TT = JDT 2450800.5                 Williams
M 113.02111              (2000.0)            P               Q
n   0.27272398     Peri.  149.95312     -0.93365661     +0.19057057
a   2.3549797      Node    44.53944     -0.34790669     -0.68376793
e   0.2181380      Incl.   25.61790     +0.08512505     -0.70437510
P   3.61           H   13.9              G   0.15        U   2

From 44 observations at 5 oppositions, 1953-1997, mean residual 0".79.
Orbital elements from MPC 30265.

Additional Information
Minor Planet (7779) SUSANRING was discovered on films taken by Dr.
Eleanor Helin with the 18" Schmidt telescope at Palomar Mountain on 19 May

SUSANRING was first observed at Palomar in 1953 but until re-discovered in
1993 the orbit was too uncertain to be given a permanent designation. In
addition, observations from Steward Observatory, Kitt Peak; Camarillo
Observatory, California; Stony Ridge Observatory, California; Ford
Observatory, California and 'Observatorie Celeste', Macquarie, A.C.T.
contributed to the numbering and subsequent naming of this asteroid.

Estimated diameter of 10.9 Km 
The next opposition of (7779) SUSANRING is in October of 1998, but
will only reach magnitude 17.5 during this period. In February 2000 it will
reach magnitude 16.3, and in May 2004 it will reach 15.6.

Webmaster's Note:  Susan Ring has been an enthusiastic supporter of the
NGC/IC Project since its inception in the early 1990's...even to the 
point of providing space in Southern Sky Magazine for this author's 
writings about Sir William Herschel. A tip o' the hat to Susan - Well

Robert E. Erdmann - Webmaster, NGC/IC Project

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