Data Library And Archive

The Abell Catalogue of Rich Galaxy Clusters
By George O. Abell, Harold G. Corwin Jr., and Ronald P. Olowin.

The Southern Galaxy Catalogue - V1.2
By Harold G. Corwin Jr., Antoinette de Vaucouleurs, and Gerard de Vaucouleurs

The Third Reference Catalogue Of Bright Galaxies - V3.9b
By de Vaucouleurs, de Vaucouleurs, Corwin, Buta, Paturel, Fouqué

The Catalog of Southern Ringed Galaxies (CSRG)
By Ronald J. Buta [Astrophys. J. Suppl. 96, 39 (1995)]

UCAS Catalogue of Galaxies
[A Survey of Galaxies on the UK Schmidt/CalTech Asteroid Survey (UCAS) Plates]
By Brian A. Skiff - Lowell Observatory

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