Public Access NGC/IC Database

Please Note: This database is currently under revision in order to capture the detective work of the various project team members. All NGC objects are reasonably up to date with only minor edits occuring sporadically. Most of the IC objects have not been updated yet. To determine the completeness of the information being displayed, look under the "Book / Chart References" section at the "Database Update Level:" field for the object being displayed.
Enter the NGC or IC designation of the object for which
you wish to see the data.
Examples of valid entries are NGC 1234, ngc 1234, N1234, n1234, NGC1234,
ngc1234, N 1234, n 1234. (The same is true for the IC prefix as well)
Valid Range Of Object designations are: NGC 1 thru 7840, IC 1 thru 5386
NGC/IC Designation: