Dr. Harold Corwin's Ireland Trip Photos of
Lord Rosse's "Leviathan" at Birr Castle
- May 24, 2004 -

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The 72-Inch Telescope The telescope and Kay Corwin as seen from the southwest
The telescope and Dr. Harold Corwin Coming up on the 72-inch telescope from behind with meridian post (and explanation marker) in the path, exhibition rotunda in the background. The castle is just barely visible behind the tree at the left.
Zoom in on telescope and meridian post. Machinery pit is fenced to the left of the telescope. The castle seen from the meridian post. Distance is 200-300 meters at a guess.

For more information about Birr Castle, see http://www.birrcastle.com

All pictures scanned with a Hewlett-Packard 6200Cse,
36-bit, 1200 dpi, SCSI-2 based Scanner