NGC/IC Project Restoration Effort

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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 14:10:57.4
Declination: +6:21:54
Constellation: VIR
Visual Magnitude: 12.9

Historic Information

Discoverer: Herschel W.
Year of discovery: 1793
Discovery aperture: 18.7


Summary description: pB, pS, R, gbM, r
Sub-type: Sb

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 5491 24" (6/15/15): moderately bright, fairly small elongated 4:3 WSW-ENE, 40"x30", contains a small bright core. Forms a close pair with NGC 5491B at the north edge of the halo, just 25" from the center. At 375x (6mm ZAO) this compact companion appeared very faint, nearly stellar, visible ~1/3 of the time. A mag 14.8 star is 0.9' NE and a second mag 15 star (misclassified by Holmberg as 597c) is 1.0' SW. Double star BRT 2158 = 12.5/12.7 at 4.5" lies 2.7' NE. 17.5" (5/10/91): fairly faint, fairly small, oval 3:2 WSW-ENE, elongated bright core. Bracketed between two mag 15 stars 30" off the ENE edge and 1' WSW. Forms an interacting pair with NGC 5491B at the north edge of halo (not seen).