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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 14:6:54.9
Declination: -5:27:36
Constellation: VIR
Visual Magnitude: 14.0

Historic Information

Discoverer: Mitchell
Year of discovery: 1855
Discovery aperture: 72.0


Summary description: pF, vS, bet 2 vF st
Sub-type: Sab

Corwin's Notes

===== NGC 5472 is a galaxy just where LdR's and Tempel's observations puts it. However, it was not seen by Bigourdan which may have contributed to his confusion about the field around NGC 5468 (see NGC 5465 and IC 974 for more).

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 5472 17.5" (6/8/96): faint, small, elongated 2:1 SW-NE, 0.7'x0.3', small brighter core with faint extensions. A mag 13 star is 0.4' ESE and a mag 14 star 0.9' NW. Located 5.0' E of brighter NGC 5468.