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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 14:2:48.5
Declination: +9:20:31
Constellation: BOO
Visual Magnitude: 12.8

Historic Information

Discoverer: Tempel
Year of discovery: 1883
Discovery aperture: 11.0


Summary description: vF, R, * in centre
Sub-type: E-S0

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 5423 17.5" (6/4/94): fairly faint, small, round, 40" diameter, sharp concentration with a very small bright core and occasional stellar nucleus surrounded by a fainter halo. At first glance, it appeared that there were a pair of mag 14.5 stars 1.6' W and 1.8' WNW but on closer scrutiny the "star" due west was seen as a small galaxy MCG +02-36-016 = CGCG 074-058. An even fainter companion MCG +02-36-018 = CGCG 074-062 is 1.5' ENE. Also, NGC 5424 is 5.0' NNE and NGC 5431 is 4.7' ENE. Located in the center of the NGC 5416 cluster. CGCG 074-058: extremely faint, round, just 10" diameter. A mag 14.5 star is 0.8' N. CGCG 074-062: extremely faint and small, visible intermittently with averted vision.