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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 14:1:41.4
Declination: +33:49:36
Constellation: CVN
Visual Magnitude: 13.2

Historic Information

Discoverer: Stephan
Year of discovery: 1880
Discovery aperture: 31.0


Summary description: F, irrR, 2 vF st inv
Sub-type: SB?

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 5421 24" (7/6/13): at 282x, this interacting pair (Arp 111) appeared moderately bright, fairly small, elongated 3:2 NNW-SSE but irregular. Contains a very small, bright nucleus. A non-stellar knot companion (VV 120c) appearing like a second bright "nucleus" was visible at the southeast end of the halo. At 322x, VV120c was easily resolved and appeared faint to fairly faint, very small, round, 10" diameter. A mag 15 star is just off the southwest side. MCG +06-31-046 = VV 120d+e at mag 17.1V, is just 1' S of the pair and was glimpsed several times for brief moments and confirmed at 322x. 17.5" (7/16/01): fairly faint, fairly small, irregular shape, ~1' diameter. Very unusual appearance like a faint, partially resolved cluster as a couple of faint "stars" are involved. The star is just off the southwest side and a fainter mag 15 star is attached at the southeast end. At moments, a stellar nucleus further confuses the observation. The "star" at the southeast end is VV 120c = PGC 49949, a compact interacting companion.