NGC/IC Project Restoration Effort

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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 10:37:12.7
Declination: -27:41:0
Constellation: HYA
Visual Magnitude: 13.1

Historic Information

Discoverer: Herschel J.
Year of discovery: 1835
Discovery aperture: 18.3


Summary description: 8th of 9 neb
Sub-type: SBa/P

Corwin's Notes

===== NGC 3314 is two superposed spirals, one with PA = 140 deg, the second somewhat smaller and fainter with PA = 40 deg. The nuclei are nearly coincident, making it very difficult to provide separate positions for them. I've tried, nevertheless, but I wouldn't put much weight on my attempts. In any case, you can find them well enough from the position for the NGC number. There is a spectacular image of the pair in the Hubble Heritage gallery (see that shows clearly what we're up against as we try to detangle the two objects. Also see See NGC 3315, where this plays a role in the identification of that object.

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 3314 24" (3/28/17): moderately bright, moderately large, very elongated 3:1 or 4:1 NW-SE, 1.3'x0.35' spindle. Modest concentration with a slightly brighter bulging central region. A mag 13.5 star is situated at the northwest tip [36" from center]. 13.1" (2/18/04 - Costa Rica): moderately bright, moderately large, spindle-shaped, very elongated 3:1 NW-SE, 1.5'x0.5'. A mag 13 star is at the NW tip. Located 7' ESE of a mag 6.7 star which detracts from viewing. Similar to NGC 3312 in the core of AGC 1060, but slightly smaller. 13.1" (2/23/85): fifth of five in the core of AGC 1060. Fairly faint, small, elongated ~NW-SE. Located 6.8' ESE of mag 6.8 SAO 179027. NGC 3312 lies 7.6' NNW.