NGC/IC Project Restoration Effort

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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 10:37:25.5
Declination: -25:19:8
Constellation: HYA
Visual Magnitude: 11.4

Historic Information

Discoverer: Stone
Year of discovery: 1886
Discovery aperture: 26.3


Summary description: eF, pS, iR, gbMN, * 15 n 3"
Sub-type: SBab

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 3313 18" (4/10/04): fairly bright, large, round. Sharply concentrated with a small very bright core surrounded by a large, low surface brightness halo, ~1.5'-2' in diameter, which fades into the background. Outlying member of the Hydra I cluster and member of the group LGG 209 along with NGC 3331 and NGC 3335. On photos, this is a beautiful, face-on barred spiral with and inner ring and two main long spiral arms.