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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 10:37:2.3
Declination: -27:33:56
Constellation: HYA
Visual Magnitude: 11.9

Historic Information

Discoverer: Herschel J.
Year of discovery: 1835
Discovery aperture: 18.3


Summary description: cF, E, gbM, 7th of 9
Sub-type: Sb

Corwin's Notes

===== NGC 3312 = IC 629, which see.

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 3312 24" (3/28/17): moderately to fairly bright, fairly large, elongated 5:2 N-S. Sharply concentrated with a reasonably large oval core (N-S). The diffuse halo extends roughly 2.0'x0.8' (largest in the cluster) with averted vision. A faint star, perhaps 15th magnitude, is superimposed just southeast of the core. The NGC 3309/3307 pair is 5' to 6' NW and NGC 3316 lies 8' ESE. Mag 4.9 HD 92036 is 9.5' NNE, but not in the field at higher power. 18" (4/9/05): moderately bright, moderately large, elongated 2:1 NNW-SSE. Contains a fairly bright, roundish core ~20" diameter with fainter extensions 1.2'x0.6'. The core steadily increases to a stellar nucleus. A small isosceles triangle of stars is close SE. 13.1" (2/18/04) - Costa Rica: moderately bright, moderately large, very elongated 3:1 N-S, 1.5'x0.5', weak concentration. Possible a brighter knot is at the north end or a star may be near the edge of the halo. Three stars are close SE including two mag 11/12 stars 2' SE and 3' ESE of center. In the core of AGC 1060 with NGC 3311/3309 5' NW. 13.1" (2/23/85): fourth of five in the core of AGC 1060. Moderately bright, small, stellar nucleus, elongated 2:1 NNW-SSE. NGC 3311 lies 4.8' NW. Located 7.0' NE of mag 6.8 SAO 179027.