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Basic Information

Location and Magnitude

Right Ascension: 7:37:7.0
Declination: +65:36:40
Constellation: CAM
Visual Magnitude: 14.5

Historic Information

Discoverer: Bigourdan
Year of discovery: 1886
Discovery aperture: 12.4


Summary description: vF, vS
Sub-type: GxyP

Corwin's Notes

===== NGC 2404 is the brightest superassociation in NGC 2403. The NGC position, however, is wrong, as is the position in Bigourdan's first Comptes Rendus paper. The correct position appears twice in his lists of new nebulae in his massive "Observations ...," and the offsets he gives also reduce to the correct position. My earlier incorrect identification of this as a star is based on the NGC position.

Steve's Notes

===== NGC 2404 48" (4/15/10): The supergiant HII complex NGC 2404 (perhaps 2000 light-years across) is located 1.7' ENE of the core and 1.5' NNW of a superimposed mag 10.5 star. It appeared as a very bright, irregular, 20" knot. At the relatively low power of 330x, I quickly logged 8 HII knots in the galaxy (see description of NGC 2403). 18" (3/19/04): brightest of 3 or 4 HII regions visible in NGC 2403. Fairly bright at 160x, small, round. Located just east of the core, 1.5' from center, and 1.5' N of a prominent mag 11 star to the SW of the core. 17.5" (2/22/87): this is a prominent knot (superassociation) located at the end of the northern spiral arm of NGC 2403. Appears fairly faint, small, round, clearly nonstellar. 13": extremely small emission "knot" at the east end of NGC 2403.